Developing writing skills in English takes practice and attention, as what is written cannot be easily undone. While writing a letter may be easier than expressing thoughts orally, it still requires time for thinking, understanding, and researching information if needed.

Today, we will discuss several tips on how to improve your writing skills. The steps are simple and easy to follow, yet it’s just as easy not to do them. Only those who actually take action will see results.

Writing Skills

  1. Rewrite. Rewrite the texts or dialogues of your level. Just start with the fact that you will rewrite the text that you recently read in the lesson. This will help you better understand the new vocabulary, and new grammatical structures and consolidate the old ones. This will really improve your spelling and make it easy to remember repetitive patterns.
  2. Write Dictations. Here you will need the help of your friend, who may also want to improve his writing skills. Ask that you dictate the text or dialogue that you just copied or other text that you hear for the first time. In this task, you can practice not only your writing skills but also your listening skills.
  3. Just Write. After you have practiced enough times in previous assignments, it’s time to write your own texts. Again, you can agree with a friend to write to each other via SMS or emails in English about how your day went or what news you heard today, or what you prepared today.
  4. Check. Be sure to check your own texts. You can ask someone for help.
  5. Make mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes while writing. Errors are a prerequisite for improving your writing skills. I do not know anyone who could achieve anything in perfection without making mistakes. How well you handle errors and analyze them is key to preventing their recurrence. However, it’s important to accept that mistakes will happen and use them as an opportunity to improve your writing skills. Conducting error analysis can help avoid future mistakes.
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