How to Write a Good Essay?

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One of the most daunting tasks faced by students mostly is writing an effective essay. Whether the essay is for a contest, for a class, or for a scholarship, the task appears to be difficult for most of the students. While creating a good essay indeed is a huge project, there are certain steps that can be adopted by students in breaking this huge project into smaller tasks. To write an effective essay, students must follow certain basic steps. The first step is to choose a topic wisely.

A topic may be assigned to the student. He/she may also be given a free hand to write on any topic of his/her choice. Students must first think about the kind of paper they plan to produce in response to the provided topic. Should it be confined to a particular analysis of the topic or it may provide a general overview of it. It is highly essential that students must limit their focus.

The first step is to define the key objective of the essay, whether the essay must be persuasive or informative. After it, extensive research must be performed about the topic. In the end, the available options must be evaluated, especially if the key objective of the essay is to educate the students about things which they may have studied in their past. The second step is to formulate a diagram of the ideas of the essays or prepare a good outline. Thoughts must be organized for the purpose of writing an effective essay. Once the ideas have been jotted down, the links and the connections between the ideas must be formed clearly. As this will serve as the key foundation for the essay.

For formulating a diagram, the topic must be written in the middle of the page. Along with five to three lines in branching the related ideas to the topic. The next step must be jotting down the main thesis statement of the essay. It will inform the reader about the main point of the essay. The thesis statement must be divided into two parts, the main points of the essay and the topic. The next step must be writing the body. As the topic can be described, explained, or argued well by the body of the essay. The body of the essay eventually represents each section presented in the outline differently. Last but not least is a conclusion which represents a picture of the sum of all over the ideas of the essay.