The foundation a well-researched and interesting paper is a strong thesis statement. As the reader may be left unconvinced and confused by a research paper that has no thesis statement for directing and controlling the content of the paper.

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The reader’s attention is captured by the thesis statement. Moreover, the stance on the subject as the writer is established and significant information about the content and purpose of the thesis is provided by the thesis statement. The first step of crafting a thesis successfully is assuring that the idea is relevant and is according to the requirements.

Consider the thesis instructions and guidelines provided by your teacher. Make sure that they are clearly understandable to you along with the expected results. As this will provide you a clear picture of what type of research you must prefer for your thesis and the type of research questions your thesis must answer and the key objectives of your research.

Along with this, you must go for a proper consultation with your teacher. The next step is to practice brainstorming. Once you chose a valid research topic, brainstorming activity is the next step which you must go for and write everything related to the research topic. As this eventually will help you in revealing the significant links and the existing research gaps.

Some of the brainstorming methods that you can adopt are mapping or clustering and freewriting. The exercise that includes giving the time list of continuous writing is referred to as free writing. Freewriting helps one in making significant relations between the available and present ideas. The next method is mapping or clustering. Creating a map by writing down some of the main ideas is referred to as mapping. This eventually helps one in making more clear relations amongst the ideas. The next step is conducting research.

Reputable and reliable resources must be selected and the key areas must be focused. Scholarly articles and books are some of the renewable resources that must be considered. Other than this, some of the online academic databases that can be considered are World Cat, JSTOR, SAGE Journals, Academic Search Complete, and etc. The next step is determining the main interests. As an interesting thesis statement is what makes up a successful thesis. Further, a claim must be made and a judgment about the chosen topic must be provided. Last but not least, a blueprint of the thesis must be provided to the reader along with significant evidence.