What are Meta Descriptions?

In search engine results pages, the meta description is a small piece of text that displays beneath a page’s URL. Its goal is to describe a web page’s information for visitors and search engines, and it should entice searchers to visit your site. The description includes bolded words that match the search query.

How to Write Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are a vital component of the search experience, even if they have no direct influence on search engine results. They can encourage more readers to click through to your content and stay on your website for longer, improving your website’s rankings in the process.

Google returned to presenting shorter meta descriptions in May 2018. Most descriptions are now cut off between 155 and 160 characters, according to Moz.

  1. Individuals use search engines to look for information. More people are likely to go through to learn more if you can answer specific queries in your meta description.
  2. What are the goals of your potential customers? They want to see terms like “learn” and “discover” if they’re seeking knowledge. They expect to see sales-related terms that represent value if they want to buy anything.
  3. Because it urges readers to consider taking a specific action, a call-to-action, or CTA, can persuade users to click on your link.
    The description is your opportunity to convince people how reading your material will benefit them. Tell readers what they’ll learn, acquire, or feel if they click through.
  4. Use vital keywords at the start of your description, but don’t overdo it; it sounds forced and makes you appear eager for clicks.
    Rich snippets markup is currently used by most search engines to improve search results. These extra aspects give your listings more legitimacy and can improve click-throughs.
  5. You will disappoint a lot of visitors and undermine your reputation if the content of your landing page doesn’t match the meta description. Never mislead people in order to get them to click; this will just hurt your search rankings because your bounce rates will skyrocket.
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