It would be tempting to assume for many small companies during COVID-19 that you can let your marketing efforts follow suit with physical operations slowed or stopped. The fact is, both before and during this pandemic, digital marketing tactics like SEO will potentially be vital to your small business success. Search trend data shows that for many industries, traffic to websites from search results, both paid and organic, is in decline.

  1. Consistency: During COVID-19, don’t forget SEO, even though what you can do for now is the minimum needed. Whatever you do or don’t do now will affect your post-pandemic company.
  2. Content in long-form: For certain clients, the speed has slowed, and they may be even more likely to dig further into subjects as compared to clicking through updates while on their drive or doing fast acts between activities. This style of content is not only more likely to be read right now but is also a staple of SEO performance. Organic search results that rank on page one of Google include an average of 1,890 words, according to Backlinko.
  3. SEO Local: For small companies, local SEO has always been a profitable option when they contend in the quest against national brands and big websites. And with individuals remaining close to home, small firms are being checked out. Local SEO strategies are important for any organisation, but for those who are running and who may not have the time for long-form material, they may be especially useful right now.
  4. Keywords correlated with the goal Covid-19 : One SEO tactic, on the short-term side of things, is to target trending words to improve the traffic. Wide search keywords would see you vying against global and high-authority sites such as the BBC and Forbes, but you can set up long-tail, coronavirus-related niche-specific searches for ranking performance.
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