Academics are not just the end-all and be-all of the university experience, but it indeed is a critical part of helping students in finding and achieving their success. Academic skills can be developed successfully through different strategies. First is the different methods of using online tools and the library, peer learning, and learning development.

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Throughout the entire stages of the university program, students can gain significant help through learning development. The learning development is mostly led by student transition officers of the university. Who eventually works with students extensively and help them in overcoming the hurdles faced by then when they start studying. These involve assisting with the skills of English Language, offering particular course statistics and math support, organizing revision timetables, increasing the study skills, and developing the academic writing of students.

Joining learning development programs eventually help students in acquiring effective time management skills along with good academic skills. Learning development programs mostly provide feedback on the assessments submitted by the students. They eventually guide the students whether they have answered the questions correctly and whether they are following up the proper notes.

They also help students in understanding the major differences between fail and pass. Another strategy that can be used to improve academic skills is PASS – Peer Assisted Study Sessions. It offers one student to learn from another student. A no-teacher pressure environment is present in PASS. It also gives students the opportunity of reviewing the course content weekly, compares their notes with other students and works out through complex concepts.

The PASS sessions are mostly run by students are mostly lasts for an hour per week throughout the semester, with different intensive sessions that eventually lead the students and help them in their exams. 3 hours of individual study can be equal to 1 hour spent by the student on PASS, as it is one of the great methods of reducing the study time of students. The third strategy is peer writing mentors. University assessment might seem to be difficult for students who came straight from school.

As the chances of requiring a different referencing style and writing style not used previously may be present. These mentors significantly help students in developing their academic writing skills and help them in understanding the crucial requirements of the university assessments. The fourth and last strategy for improving academic skills is the library. As there is a huge number of academic resources present in the library which eventually can help students in acquiring new academic skills.