One of the ingenious species existing on this planet is humans. Although only for a relatively short period of time, they have been on the planet, the modern Homo sapiens have invented some of the amazing things. From the period when the first sharp-edged tool got created by someone who simply bashed a rock on the ground to the Internet, different inventions have stood out as specifically revolutionary. Amongst them one of the first amazing invention is wheel. Restrictions were faced by humans regarding how far and how much the stuff can be transported, before the invention of the wheel in 3500 B.C. The concept of wheel-and-axle was the key stroke of intelligence of this invention. This invention indeed consumed a lot of time and efforts but hard work got paid off. Commerce and agriculture was facilitated by wheel carts as the transportation of goods from one market to another was performed by it.

Another major and great invention was nails. Civilization would had been next to impossible without nails. This invention is more than 2,000 years old and only became possible when the capability of shaping and casting metal was developed by humans. The hand-wrought nails became the norm until the 1790s and early 1890s when a square iron rod was heated by a blacksmith and then further hammered on four sides to create a point. Further in the early 1800s, the nail-making machine came online. Continuous advancements have been witnessed since then related to technology for crafting nails. After a procedure for mass production of steel through iron was developed by Henry Bessemer. From soft steel wire, around 10% of nails of the U.S. were created by 1886. Whereas, ninety percent of nails manufactured were made up of steel wire by 1913 in the United States.


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