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Content marketing alone cannot provide you with organic traffic. However, if used strategically, it will allow you to get the organic traffic that you want or need. But the question is how to develop such a strategy for content. If your goal is to increase organic traffic, what methods do you implement to generate it?

This article describes in detail the process of developing a content strategy to attract traffic. This begins with thorough research of your target audience, is based on determining the best format for your content, and focuses on the frequency in which it will be published. Your content must fit the style of your target, and focus on keywords that it uses to do its research online. By initiating this process and then repeating it, you will succeed to develop an effective strategy that will generate consistent organic traffic.

Step 1: Create your buyer personas.

There is only one way to start this organic traffic generation work: Identify your target. Your content should address topics that excite your buyers. Before you start creating this content, you need to determine precisely who these buyers are. What kind of person do you want to have as your buyer? To understand and analyze your audience, the idea is to create buyer personas.

Step 2: Create a list of keywords based on the terms of current research of your buyer persona.

This is where your audience defines your business, whether it is the content, form, style, and, more importantly, the subject. If you want organic traffic through your content marketing, you need to talk about subjects that interest you and that will be searched by your niche market. It’s simple:

  1. Your target audience research information.
  2. You create content corresponding to research it.
  3. You develop organic traffic.

Step 3: Identify the type of content that your buyer personas prefer.

If you create buyer personas that are meant to determine the type of content which your target audience is looking for, your marketing will have wings. Companies whose content marketing produces the best results are those that use a greater variety of content. So you must be ready to test and use different forms of content, but you also need to choose one that you will master perfectly.

Your audience is attracted to a certain type of content, and it is precisely this type you should focus most of your marketing effort on. Digging a little deeper into some of the most common types of content where you might find your niche.

Step 4: Over time, develop a personality and style that appeal to your audience.

All known brands have a style and a personality of their own. This is one of the most important aspects, though not quantifiable, that makes you a brand. Think about your own experience: it is likely that you tend to associate with people like you. Similarly, people who have similar tastes to yours tend to appreciate you and seek your company.

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