Refunds/Cancellation Policy

If you are not satisfied with the completed order of the services received and have paid the full fee, you may request a refund within 30 days after the order is submitted to you. You can do this by informing us via email or our live chat. If the request is not made within 30 days from when the final order is submitted to you, you will be billed the remaining balance of the price of the selected package. Furthermore, refunds are only available to the actual client for whom the services were created.  No refund is offered for design firms, word press management firms, blog writing firms, product review writing firms, and SEO writing services firms, or those who order our blog writing, product review writing, SEO writing, website content writing, content editing writing, and proofreading services on behalf of another entity. Moreover, you shall forfeit the right to the refund outlined above if you demand additional revisions to any of the starting ideas. You will also forfeit the right to a refund if you do not reply in a timely manner to our emails. Furthermore, you accept that you will have no right (implied or express) to use any email or other work product, content, or media, nor will you have any ownership interest in or to the same.