Coronavirus is the subject of primary concern among everyone. And consideration of the effect it may have, including the economic one. While the impact of coronavirus on search marketing is hard to predict, there are signs that if current trends continue, there may be a ripple effect.

Online Shopping

Wuhan had posted videos of empty streets. Many cities affected have become almost deserted. It has already been reported that people will shift to online purchases if the epidemic becomes worse. The explanation is that more people will be hesitant to go outside their houses for shopping.

Cancellations of Conference

Conferences are getting canceled. Google canceled its CloudNext conference in San Francisco on April 6, 2020, and opted to broadcast it instead, and postponed a March-scheduled Las Vegas event.

Impact on SEO Consulting Because of Coronavirus

What is the impact of Coronavirus on the search engine? The search marketing group tends to think that SEO is about the number one rating in search engines. The ranking target is revenue. The highest rank means little if there is no revenue and that is what occurred in the recession of 2008, revenues have plummeted across a wide range of industries.

This impacted search marketing as clients fell off because they could not afford to pay for consulting anymore. Some industries have managed to continue earning. And I remember that many had to cut rates to hang on to long-term customers whose earnings dropped as a result of the recession.

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