Tell about the same thing can be different. Article, text, publication – different names of one concept. When applying for a job, we write a statement in one style, we do thesis work in another, and we communicate on the Internet as usual conversational.

Conversational style

Informal communication. The transmission of emotions, experiences – vernaculars from their vocabulary. Conversational style communicates at forums, communicate with friends in social networks, and communicate with relatives. Examples we see daily in short SMS.

Art style

It can combine all the others. Artistic style is used in literature. It is appropriate in art books, stories, and poems for painting the transmitted feelings in brighter colors. All the richness of the vocabulary – to influence the reader. If you already left a comment on my blog, you could appreciate my literary style in a book I give as a gift.

Journalistic style

Emotional coloring and the text in the journalistic style. Its main feature is the impact on a person in order to cause negative or positive reactions to significant events or news. The facts the author sets out logically, consistently, give their evaluation. Publicist style is popular with the media, the media. Its main feature is consistency and consistency, as well as mandatory reinforcement of information with precise information: who, when, where did what or said.

Official and business style

Business style more often than others, is used in everyday life. Instructions, orders, announcements, legislative documents are all samples of business texts. In the official documentation, the manifestation of emotion is unacceptable, and the transfer of the essence is understood and clear.

Scientific style

For scientific works, educational literature is a scientific style. Its peculiarity is the generality, abstractness, and abundance of special scientific terms. The texts are logical, the language means are selected carefully. The texts written in the scientific style are not dialogues, but monologues. Descriptions and definitions are distinguished by high accuracy, consistency. Here, repetitions are not terrible, on the contrary: each concept has a clear name.

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