Google uses computer software called crawlers or spiders much like most search engines, to help in generating search results. Google has a massive keyword database that helps to evaluate the results of your search.

Part web development, part product development, this should be of concern to both programmers and advertisers, who are mostly asked to provide technical feedback on SEO requests and suggestions. Where there is a discussion on what we, as web developers and content writers, can do to ensure relevance to our sites and, ultimately, optimal positioning of search engines.

Google Search Liaison has announced officially that a significant Algorithm Update will be carried out by the search engine giant on June 3. The new update of Google algorithm, which would be a Broad Core Algorithm Update similar to the one released in March, it is known as the June 2019 Core Update.

The Google Algorithm is a set of formulas that Google uses to calculate where a specific website page appears in the search engine results pages also known as SERPs in response to a particular user request for information. There might be more than 150 factors that influence that guide the algorithm, but others are ranked more essential than others. Google survives and dies as a result of relevancy. Take that into consideration as you become innovative, fix problems and provide ideas.

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