Today and tomorrow consumers in society are getting influenced by prominent privacy issues related to personal data. These issues are related to companies, industry associations, public interest groups, and government agencies. The feeling felt by an individual related to two significant things that are enough agency for asserting control and control over their social scenario. As a consequence of which, having a significant amount of control over personal information is one is important. Privacy issues can be perceived in two aspects that are data privacy and social privacy. In today’s age, it has become quite difficult to manage data privacy. For example, concrete steps are considered by a lot of individuals to manage their social privacy, such as being selective about which information to make public or by cleaning their profiles like removing or deleting specific posts. One manner in which issues are generated is when data privacy and social privacy get combined through the information that is made public on social networking sites. When complete information, such as physical addresses, email, phone and hometown numbers, and birth date are posted, then the invasion of data privacy and social privacy become quite easy.

One of the prime examples of such an issue is the increase in the frequency of identity theft. On the page of brief social networking, most of the information required to steal any other person’s identity can be found easily. For identity theft, most of the information required involved address, date of birth, and full name. Further, through the different applications or quizzes that are present on the social networking sites, the potential identity thieves can access the other type of information that is used commonly for security questions like the maiden name of the mother, name of the pet, or childhood address. As such, the amount of information can be limited by this good practice, especially the one shared on social networking websites and the give-away in the quizzes.

Even for identity theft, the personal data is not used it still vulnerable to others. This data can also be used by various organizations for targeting advertising. While it can be used as a brief social graph by the organizations that collect this data. They can offer this data to the advertisers. For example, every time a website is accessed by an individual, it is notified to the individual by Facebook. A ‘like’ button is present on that specific website even if it is or not clicked by the individual, or even if that specific individual is logged in or not logged into his or her account. The information traces every time an individual watch videos on YouTube, browse items from retailers, or click on advertisements. The information is sold to many organizations as a commodity.


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