Reviewing one’s own work as an editor can be challenging, especially for specialized professionals. However, there are ways to make this process smoother. Here are some tips for reading your writing from an editor’s perspective to help you get started.

  1. Taking a break to read something unrelated can provide a fresh perspective when returning to your work.
  2. Try changing fonts and reading your work on different devices to gain a fresh perspective when evaluating it.
  3. The bustle of a café may sometimes be precisely what you need to see your work in a fresh light. At other times, the serenity of a park seat is preferable. Changing your physical environment can give you the space you need to look at your work with fresh eyes.
  4.  Music may help you refresh and perceive your job from a beginner’s perspective again by activating your brain in a different way.
  5. Reading your writing out loud or having a friend read it can help you uncover new possibilities and reveal errors or areas for improvement that you may have missed.

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