As technology advances, standards have changed when people visit the website. In order to have returning clients or consumers coming to your website, service, or product, you need to respond to the ever-increasing demand not only for fast-loading websites but also for offering a smooth and engaging experience that tends to be a user’s natural experience. Progressive Web Appd (PWA) is a web application that loads like a standard website but can provide visitor features such as offline service, email alerts, and computer software connectivity that is typically accessible only to native applications. PWA combines the versatility of the website with the experience of native apps.

Progressive Web App is neither a structure nor a database. It’s a combination of technology and techniques that helps you to build web apps that are close to native ones. PWA’s key features: reliable: fast loading, both offline and when operating with a bad connection.

Three Reasons to Use Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

Google Developer gives three basic reasons. Progressive Web Apps are more efficient methods to engage your clients:

  1. Reliable: Starting them immediately.
  2. Quick: They’re responding quickly.
  3. Engaging: They have a natural feel.

So essentially, if a website is to pass as a progressive web application, it needs to load really fast, it needs to operate offline, and appear like it is native to the computer the site is viewed from, whether it is a phone, tablet, or laptop. Current PWAs have links to system hardware including video, sound, push notifications, and Bluetooth with the Cloud Bluetooth API!

Progressive web apps effectively help companies to maximize sales, site views, and duration of the session on the website. They’re a great choice for companies that don’t have the finance to have a mobile application.

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