Who vs Whom

English is not a very hard language to learn and use. However, if you do not know about the correct rules and regulations, your users can turn into a simple disaster. When do you need to use who vs whom? How can you use the word who correctly according to the rules of English? Getting the answers to these questions does not mean that you need to learn any rocket science.

The word “who” is used mostly when you are raising a question. For instance, “Who is the first person to walk on the moon? This statement clearly shows that a question is being asked. Hence the use of who is mostly seen when you are writing a question statement. The use of who is also seen when you are not using a question statement. However, this is not a frequent sighting. The use of those who do not have complicated grammatical regulations behind it. In other words, you can comfortably use this word even if you are not a grammatical expert.

The use of whom is different as compared to who. It is mostly used when you are referring to a subject. For instance, “ I am talking about hiring a person whom we can trust”. If you look at this sentence, you will figure out that the subject is the person who is being hired. When the subject is being referred to, the word “whom” is being used.

Who vs. Whom

The use of those who do not have stringent conditions behind it. However, basic correct grammatical principles have to be applied. If you look at most examples, you will see that the use of whom is done when a subject has to be referred to.

Grammatical mistakes are mostly made when the writer is not aware of the correct principles and lengthy sentences are used. Even if lengthy sentences are grammatically correct, their use is not encouraged. Professional writers always believe in using short sentences.

When you talk about the who vs whom comparison, you will see that both these grammatical terms are used for different kinds of phrases in most cases. In some cases, they may be used for similar phrases. This is when you need to perform the who vs whom comparison and see the most suitable option.

If you are someone who knows about the correct grammatical rules, you would not find any problems in using the correct term. Writing correct English depends on various factors and being aware of grammatical rules is one of them. If you are not well-versed with grammatical rules, there is every chance that you would make errors.

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