Proofreading is essential because we are often clueless, careless or oblivious to our own errors, blunders, poor grammar, poor sentence structure and paragraphs, poorly designed sentences, lack of adequate punctuation or incorrect use, and spelling or typing mistakes.

Proofreading acknowledges that there are certain things in spoken language that you should not do in written language that you can get away with. When speaking, you can say “we are” but not when writing. The problem they are there (homophones) really exists only when you write.

If possible, it’s good practice to proofread the next day — to encourage you to read your content with ‘ fresh eyes ‘ — as you might have been too exhausted, too upset, or otherwise too busy to pick up overreactions, mistakes, or omissions. Proofreading is therefore important to ensure that one’s written or typed content is correct, complete and accurate.

Often, proofreading can be seen as something that is not required, or an expensive activity, or something that does not matter to you. When proofreading a text, first you should read it slowly and carefully to decide if it communicates its meaning or not.

Proofreading can play a crucial part in any company regardless of its size and whether you’re working for yourself or a company, it’s certainly necessary to protect the brand. Incorrect spellings, bad grammar and inaccurate details will all have a detrimental effect on the brand and the business.

If the advertisement is being used to attract potential viewers in a campaign, poor English causes issues and a huge waste of money. While the translations process is now being standardized, proofreading is one field where professional work is required. Common grammatical mistakes can alter a sentence’s entire meaning while it may sound perfect.

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