Benefits of Team Success

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What Makes a Leader? Without a unifying leader who sets the pace, no team can hope to excel. While many aspire to leadership roles, only a select few possess the charismatic qualities that distinguish a true leadership quality.

What is charismatic leadership then, and what makes it so important to team success?

This essay examines Steve Jobs’ leadership skills and the significance of charismatic leadership. Max Weber, a German sociologist who introduced the term in 1958, believed that charisma created a strong bond between a leader and followers.

Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leaders are distinguished by their clear vision and unwavering belief in it, coupled with a tireless commitment that followers are eager to emulate. Additionally, they can captivate both individuals and audiences with their personalities, without relying on their authoritative powers.

As a dynamic and disruptive technology leader, he was an example for all businesses. As an Apple team lead, Jobs challenged his team to surpass their expectations and think beyond limits. Moreover, he had great clarity and persuasive speaking skills that enthralled audiences with his message of innovation and success. Steve Jobs exemplifies a charismatic leader who possessed these traits and led his team to consistent success.

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