The way we work has been changed greatly by information technology (IT). This can be seen witnessed by any person by taking a glance around a building site, stockroom, store, and workplace and data will be getting transferred to servers all over the world through hand-held gadgets, computers, and smartphones connected to the internet. For most of us, our everyday lives are ruled greatly by information technology. However, we never realize how majorly we have become dependent on technology. In contrast to 1st generation computers, the smartphone has become more potent that is driving our both professional and personal lives.

How work is done and communication takes place have been transformed by the Internet today in the hands of billions. Any place at any time, the work can be done and not hindered by geographical boundaries and time zones. This is apparent by the rapid speed of how the cloud, mobile devices, and social media and technological innovation have taken over our lives in every part of the world. One can assume to be born connected if born in the internet era. Moreover, the workforce’s productivity has been amplified by the availability of the internet.

A shift of focus has taken place from location to aptitude and talent. For meeting the needs of the new generation, significant and huge changes are being considered in workplaces. Employees are allowed by the business today for ideating, sharing, discussing, and talking through their smartphones. In so various ways, the smartphone has transformed into a new workplace. For example, Skype and email through which employees are assured that their physical presence does not matter anymore when it comes to communicating or collaborating with other colleagues.

Through smartphones, employees can be available constantly and stay in touch with each other. Work can be done from any part of the world. Smartphones more have become like an office in every being’s pocket. Technology in a lot of different ways has helped us work with others efficiently and easily. Moreover, people are having broad chances of starting a community and building their visibility with shoppers by making a virtual home on an online networking site for your business. Free traffic is also generated by inviting the customers on the work website. Whereas, at the end of the customer freedom is given to customers that bad or good service or product reviews are going to be usually non-forgiving and instant.


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